Welcome Jeff Hogg

Welcome Jeff Hogg
Jeff Hogg joins RE/MAX Metro as a realtor. He services the Wasatch Front.

Before becoming a real estate professional, Jeff attended the University of Utah and received a degree in project management. Jeff’s mentor recommended that he consider joining RE/MAX Metro. Turns out, he found it to be a great fit.

When not working, you can find Jeff riding his bike or hanging out with his kids. They enjoy cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, water sports and gardening.

Build a Strong Mentor Relationship

If you are starting out in the real estate business, finding a mentor is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of the business. There are many ways to get a mentor, from not asking a stranger, to Richard Branson’s guide to finding a mentor. Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, gives some wonderful insights on creating a relationship with a possible mentor.tie-690084_640

Women seem to have a harder time finding mentor relationships compared to men–though it is not impossible. If you are looking to meet new people Girlfriend Circles and Friendship Circle are two great sites to check out.

When you begin to establish your professional relationship here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Give and take. Like any relationship, a mentorship is a two-way street. Your mentor can help give guidance, help grow your network, and sometimes present opportunities. However, it is important to show gratitude, ask about their career and challenges, and help them out where you can.

Establish goals for the relationship. To keep you on your career path and not waste your mentor’s time, discuss and agree upon goals and what you’re going to do to make the venture successful. Also, take time to review the goals every few months to ensure you’re meeting your goals.

Don’t limit yourself to just one mentor. Every person you meet has various skills and expertise, something you can learn. Think of your mentors as your own personal board of directors, with different talents and insights. Who are 5 people right now you would as a mentor? Set clear intentions and then ask them to be your mentor.