Millennials and Real Estate: How Agents Can Earn Their Business

Millennials are entering the housing market and already they are accounting for over 31% of all homebuyers. With more of the millennial generation buying homes, now is a great time for real estate agents to make lifelong clients. But with this new generation entering the marketplace, agents need to bridge the gap and engage with millennials by taking a time to understand them.


When first working with millennials, it is important to first understand they will do their homework on any agent they are interested in working with, and regardless of how experienced you are, if they don’t trust you, they won’t want to work with you. Over 70% of millennials agreed that one they found a brand they trusted, they stopped looking around.  Remember this, millennials buy why you are selling a home, not how.

As you work more with millennials, another good factor to remember is they are a tech savvy generation and they will know all about you before you even talk. Because of that your online reputation is vital so you will want to have an updated website and engage on social networks. To be a successful agent with millennials take the time to stay current on the social media as well as with communication trends. Text messages are the way to go when communicating with millennials and outweigh phone calls any day. What about voice mail? If you leave millennials a voice mail, you will most likely lose business because millennials won’t pick them up (at least, until they annoy them enough).

In the ever changing world, how are you keeping up with the new generation?