Trick Or Treat Safety

candy-2518372_640This is a wonderful time of year, and with the October season, many children are excited to go trick-or-treating. As the night draws closer and children are picking their costumes, here are a few things to remember to keep everyone safe.

  1. Mind where you are walking. Be sure to use sidewalks, driveways, and paths while trick-or-treating. Also, cross the street at the corner or on a crosswalk.
  1. Carry a cell phone. Not only can you call the authorities or emergency services (if needed), but the flashlight feature can help if you go into a darker area.
  1. Make sure kids are visible. Put a light or reflective tape on their costumes and have them carry a glow stick or flashlight.
  1. Feed kids first. To keep kids from hitting the candy before they get home, give them a snack or dinner beforehand. Also, before kids start eating their candy, check it out to make sure it is safe.
  1. Don’t lose the dog. If you bring along the family pet, use a leash and collar with ID.
  1. Drive extra carefully. If you drive, stay super alert and go extra slow through neighborhoods to ensure you don’t hit a child or family pet.
  1. Have ground rules. If your child is old enough to go trick-or-treating without you, agree on the route and make sure it only goes through familiar neighborhoods. Also, have them carry a cell phone.
  1. Go over stranger dangers. Remind kids they must never get into a stranger’s car. Tell them to scream loudly and run if someone stops and asks for help or offers them candy.
  1. Don’t forget to have fun. Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying time trick-or-treating. This year, make the most of the holiday with these fun ideas.

This information was provided by Danene Strand.

What’s Going On For Halloween In Davis and Weber Counties

Tis the season of hot coco, sweaters, and everything pumpkin! This year, while you’re getting in the holiday mood (who doesn’t love October?), make sure you check out some of these fun events taking place around Davis and Weber counties.pexels-photo-112352

Halloween Bash 2016. Come join the festivities at this annual Halloween Bash! Mark your calendars for October 28, and make sure to buy your tickets online.

Spooktacular 2016. This event is taking place on October 29, 2016 at the Rec Center’s Spooktacular Carnival. There are many activities taking place and entertainment the whole family is sure to enjoy.

PAAG Halloween Party. Join the fun this year and come ready to dance the night away at PAAG Halloween Party. Costume contests will be taking place throughout the night, so be sure to grab your friends and dress up for a night of fun!

For those who love Haunted Houses, there are a lot of excellent ones to visit in Northern Utah. Learn more about the various haunted house around Utah, prices, and times here.

Looking for even more scares? Head down south to American Fork for a night of thrills and chills at the Haunted Forest!

Want even more frights? Well, here are some horror films you should definitely check out. So grab your friends, a blanket, and get into the spirit of Halloween!

What do you love most about this time year? Tell us about it below in the comments. Also, share your favorite events taking place around Davis and Weber counties.