3 Ways To Be More Likeable

flying-639522_640As a real estate agent, one of the key factors of being successful is being likeable and earning people’s trust. To improve your likeability, here are 3 tips to help you boost your career:

  1. Make eye contact. Eye contact can have a huge impact on your likeability with clients, and people in general. Through eye contact, you can bond with clients and team and earn their trust. Be careful here though, eye contact can be a double edge sword, giving more insights on how you feel about the other person.
  1. Work their name into the conversation. When meeting someone new, shoot for repeating their name 3 times in the first 5 minutes of the conversation. Why? This helps build the bond—as long as it is done naturally. To help you avoid the awkwardness of trying to throw their name into the conversation, here is a template to get you started: “Hi ______,” “Nice to meet you _______.” and “Where are you from ______?”
  1. Silence is golden. At times, staying silence can play to your advantage. Silence can make people feel pressured to move the conversation forward, and can get people to feel they should speak, especially when there is that awkward silence. Silence can also be an excellent tool to use in negotiations and other difficult conversations. This might take some practice, but be sure to resist the urge to push the conversation forward.

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