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Located just a few miles north of Salt Lake City, Bountiful is one of the most beautiful bedroom communities in the entire state. With the Great Salt Lake on the west, and snow-capped mountains on the east, there is no excuse for any resident of Bountiful to ever want to live anywhere else. There’s so much that Bountiful can offer home buyers,

Bountiful is in every way the ideal suburban community. Business growth fueled both the economy as well as residential building over the last decade, and the result is diverse and affordable homes for home buyers. Whether a home buyer is particularly picky about a new home or is more of an easygoing type, they will find exactly what they are looking for in Bountiful.



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Landing at the top spot on any home buyer’s list of palaces to explore, Bountiful has a population of approximately 43,000 residents. Bountiful is considered part of the Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan Statistical area, and its centralized location means that residents can enjoy the beauty and excitement of living on the Wasatch Front year round.

Bountiful’s location in the southernmost part of Davis County means that it is highly prized for its access to Salt Lake City. The addition of Legacy Parkway and the FrontRunner commuter rail system, in addition to I-15, means that commuting into the state capital is no travel. Many businesses eager to be close to the state’s capital but not necessarily within the boundaries have established themselves in Bountiful, especially as it is the gateway to Northern Utah.

When it comes to things to see and do in Bountiful, there are few cities that compare. The Bountiful Ridge Golf Course is a premier facility offering an 18-hole course with amazing views. The South Davis Recreation District manages a number of programs, like youth and adult sports that include baseball, softball, hockey, rock climbing and more. Classes at the South Davis Recreation Center include aquatics and fitness, among others. The city’s history comes alive with the annual Handcart Days celebration and includes games, parades, local artists, live music, food, fireworks and more.

Of course, Bountiful’s proximity to Salt Lake City means residents can easily get to a number of big city events that only a metro area can deliver. Examples of nearby fun for Bountiful residents include Hogle Zoo, This Is The Place Heritage Park, Clark Planetarium, Abravenal Hall, The Leonardo and much more. Shopping and dining have no equals at Trolley Square, Discovery Gateway, and more. Of course, within a short drive, Bountiful residents can also be skiing at one of several world-class ski resorts located in the Wasatch Mountains. It’s no wonder that Bountiful real estate is so desirable, when it has so much to offer.

Neighborhoods in Bountiful are somewhat unique when compared to other cities along the Wasatch Front. Instead of most residential areas being located on the flatlands below the benches, they are located on the benches and mountain slopes, creating a picturesque community. Students who attend public school in Bountiful receive a quality education via facilities managed by the Davis School District, and there are 10 elementary schools, 4 junior high schools and 3 high schools.

With a well-earned reputation as an interesting and beautiful city, Bountiful seems to have it all. Home buyers who want to live in the greater Salt Lake area, should begin their search here.