Welcome Lori Blake

Welcome Michael RiosWarm Welcome to Lori Blake! We are excited to have you part of our RE/MAX Metro team!

Lori Blake Anderson joins RE/MAX Associates as an up and coming realtor. She is thrilled to service Southern Utah especially the St. George community.

Prior to obtaining her real estate License, Lori attended Dixie State University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. During her career in accounting Lori helped open and mange a truss manufacturing company and was involved in the beginning stages of real estate improvement. She finally made the paradigm shift and is excited to be affiliated with RE/MAX. She joined RE/MAX Associates for their supportive environment. Not only does RE/MAX Associates have “the best people,” but the organization provides the quality training that Lori seeks.

When not working, you can find Lori spending time with family including her little granddaughter. They enjoy hiking, playing pickleball, reading and cooking. Lori enjoys solving jigsaw puzzles and attending live music events.

Welcome Jeff Hogg

Welcome Michael RiosWarm Welcome to Jeff Hogg! We are excited to have you part of our RE/MAX Metro team!

Jeff Hogg joins RE/MAX Metro as a realtor. He services the Wasatch Front.

Before becoming a real estate professional, Jeff attended the University of Utah and received a degree in project management. Jeff’s mentor recommended that he consider joining RE/MAX Metro. Turns out, he found it to be a great fit.

When not working, you can find Jeff riding his bike or hanging out with his kids. They enjoy cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, water sports and gardening.

Welcome Michael Rios

Welcome Michael RiosWarm Welcome to Michael Rios! We are excited to have you part of our RE/MAX Metro team!

Michael Rios joins RE/MAX Metro as a sales agent with more than 10 years’ experience in customer service and sales. He services the Wasatch Front.

Rios previously worked with Mansell Real Estate, but found RE/MAX to be a better fit for his team. He believes that you must train with the best to be the best stating that “steel sharpens steel.”

When not working hard for his clients, you can find Michael spending time with his family. They enjoy running, biking, hiking, traveling and learning. You may not know that Michael also bartends and appreciates an excellent motivational speaker.

Welcome Jacqueline Hoff!

Welcome JaciWarm Welcome to Jacqueline Hoff! We are excited to have you part of our RE/MAX Metro team!

Jaci has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing and is helping more than 30 sellers and buyers each year. She gives back to the community by serving on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors and is an Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce Spiker – local business ambassador. Jaci (pronounced Jackie) started her professional real estate career with Wolf Creek Resort in Eden. She is affectionately referred to as “the valley girl”.

Topping her list of impressive accolades is the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation This designation proves her experience, training and commitment to be among the best in her profession. Extensive education and experience as well as residential transaction history must be obtained prior to receiving this designation

Trick Or Treat Safety

candy-2518372_640This is a wonderful time of year, and with the October season, many children are excited to go trick-or-treating. As the night draws closer and children are picking their costumes, here are a few things to remember to keep everyone safe.

  1. Mind where you are walking. Be sure to use sidewalks, driveways, and paths while trick-or-treating. Also, cross the street at the corner or on a crosswalk.
  1. Carry a cell phone. Not only can you call the authorities or emergency services (if needed), but the flashlight feature can help if you go into a darker area.
  1. Make sure kids are visible. Put a light or reflective tape on their costumes and have them carry a glow stick or flashlight.
  1. Feed kids first. To keep kids from hitting the candy before they get home, give them a snack or dinner beforehand. Also, before kids start eating their candy, check it out to make sure it is safe.
  1. Don’t lose the dog. If you bring along the family pet, use a leash and collar with ID.
  1. Drive extra carefully. If you drive, stay super alert and go extra slow through neighborhoods to ensure you don’t hit a child or family pet.
  1. Have ground rules. If your child is old enough to go trick-or-treating without you, agree on the route and make sure it only goes through familiar neighborhoods. Also, have them carry a cell phone.
  1. Go over stranger dangers. Remind kids they must never get into a stranger’s car. Tell them to scream loudly and run if someone stops and asks for help or offers them candy.
  1. Don’t forget to have fun. Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying time trick-or-treating. This year, make the most of the holiday with these fun ideas.

This information was provided by Danene Strand.

Welcome Shawn Cottle

Shawn CottleWarm Welcome to Shawn Cottle! We are excited to have you part of our RE/MAX Metro team!

Shawn Cottle joins RE/MAX Metro with nearly 4 years’ experience. Currently, Shawn serves Weber, Box Elder and Davis counties.

Shawn previously worked with Equity Real Estate as one of their top producers. He joined RE/MAX Metro due to their esteemed reputation, valuable training and a chance to learn from some of the industry’s best. By joining RE/MAX he knows it will better serve his clients.

When not working hard for his clients, you can find Shawn boating, hunting, camping and anything else outdoors. He also enjoys spending time with his family including both watching and coaching football for his two boys.

July 2017 Housing Market Stats

Housing Market by County

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Weber County Market

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Morgan County Market

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Davis County Market

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Salt Lake County Market

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Local Market Updates (LMU)

Killer Comps For CMA’s


3 Hour CE Class

June 1st 9 am

Courtyard Marriott

1803 Woodland Park Drive, Layton


The Killer Comps class grew out of response to student requests for more specific guidelines for adjusting comps after taking the Appraising for Realtors class. Neal Jackman, having worked with UtahRealEstate.com on the revision of the CMA program in 2009, presents the theory behind comp selection and adjustments found on their website. By gaining a better understanding of the process, the Realtor student will learn how to select better comps, gain confidence in the CMA program, and develop valuations more consistent with appraisal valuations. Specific hands on evaluations are developed in class to demonstrate the process. Laptops are encouraged for use in class.

After careers in the Marine Corps and the jewelry industry, Neal entered the wild world of real estate in 1993, as a Certified Residential Appraiser. Employed by a default mortgage servicer, he has
completed property valuations on preforeclosure and bank owned properties located in almost every state, and was the project manager (dirty little jobs officer) for the bank owned (REO) department working with the foreclosure, bankruptcy, and loss mitigation departments in resolving a wide variety of problems. This foundation, led to becoming the in house REO sales agent marketing northern Utah properties and obtaining his Broker license in 2009. He has served as a member of the Education Committee with the Salt Lake Board of Realtors for ten years and served as Chairman in 2011-2012. He has also served as a member of the Grievance Committee, Salt Lake Board Professional Standards Committee, and currently on the Utah Board Pro Standards Committee. Deeply committed to education, Neal is a continuing education instructor having authored three very popular classes on property valuation and the Code of Ethics, NAR instructor for the Pricing Strategy Analyst certification, as well as teaching pre-license classes for aspiring sales agents and Brokers.


5 Reasons to get a Pre-Approval Before Starting to Look for A Home

Blog-Post---5-reasons-to-get-a-pre-approval---DaneneI am sure you are seeing everywhere that interest rates are great and now is the time to buy.  You’ve been thinking to yourself that buying a home is starting to sound better and better and maybe there is even a cute one for sale in your neighborhood.  Before you schedule a showing or start posting pics of your dream house on social media, getting a pre-approval is a must and here is why:

  1. You’ll know if you are really ready.

To get a pre-approval, a lender takes a look at specific requirements in deciding if you can truly purchase a home.  They look items such as your credit and, income to ensure that when you do find the home you want, you can move forward to actually purchase.  Also, if you are not able to qualify at the current time a skilled lender might be able to put you on the path to be approved in the future.

  1. You will get a price range to work with.

Since the lender will look at your information, they should be able to give you a price range that you qualify for.  This will help you look for houses that are real possibilities for you to buy and help cut wasted time from your search.

  1. It weights your offer and increases your negotiating power. Once you find the home you would like to buy; your next step is to submit an offer to the seller.  When you have a pre-approval, it shows the sellers that you are financially able to purchase the home and also improves your power to negotiate the terms.  If you put in an offer without a pre-approval, the seller has no way of knowing if they accept your offer you will actually be able to go through with the purchase.
  2. Saves time. As soon as you decide on the home you want and submit an offer you probably will want the process to happen as quickly as possible.  Having already submitted much of the paper work and opened a file with a professional loan officer you can greatly shorten the from contract to close.
  3. Agents will want to work with you. On average, a person will look at 8-10 homes before they decide which they would like to buy.  Some people even look at up to 30!!  Every home you look at takes time behind the scenes for your agent.  Typically, an agent searches for home to match your criteria, then sends you information on homes that meet your search terms, and ask which you would like to see.  Once you decide on the homes to look at, the agent schedules the times with the seller or their agent.  The agent will also have to meet, with you to show the home as well as any follow up that is needed.  Agents spend hours preparing and showing each home, so it makes sense that they want to be sure you can actually purchase a home when you find the right one.

In closing, a pre-approval is great for everyone.  It allows you to exactly how much house you can afford.  It gives an agent incentive to help you in your search (and trust me having an agent is a must, especially if it is your first home), and helps to streamline the entire process with you and your chosen lender.  To see if you are ready to buy a home and how much you will qualify for click here to be matched with one of our Utah lenders.

Update Your Front Entry with These 5 Steps

Blog-Post---Front-Entry-Tips---DaneneFrom the moment, you move into your new house you being making it your home.  One way to make it feel more homey for you and your guests right off the bat is by creating a welcoming entryway, that conveys your personality.  Here are 5 easy steps to creating an entry way you are proud of.

  1. Color your door with a bold color. This will boost curb appeal and also provides protection from the elements.  Start by buffing down the door with 220-grit sandpaper, then apply a coat of primer and allow to dry.  Keep in mind when choosing your paint to select one with a smooth or glossy finish that will assist in keeping moisture out, and prevents mildew.
  2. Turn it up with unique lights. Whether you have the option for a hanging light or even simpler sconces, choose unique ones that add to your overall look.  Look at different materials such as unfinished copper or brass and also different textures of glass.
  3. Get real, with plants. Strategically place low-maintenance plants like succulents or any other plants that will thrive in your area.  Just check with your local nursery for plants that are fitted to your climate, amount of sun, and commitment level.
  4. Make a statement with your house numbers. Placing easy to read and stylish numbers can make it easier for your friends and family to find your home and round out your entry way.  Depending on the theme of your home you can place purchased number tiles, simple vinyl numbers, or hand painted numbers to help your address stand out.
  5. Add special touches with accessories. Adding trendy door knocker or vintage mailbox can be just like adding a dazzling necklace or bracelet to your favorite outfit.  Seasonal wreaths are also a great way to keep your look updated all year long.  Add just one or two extra touches, or you could be overdoing it.

Creating a welcoming entry to your home can make both you and your visitors feel comfortable from the first moment.  Remember first impressions last forever, so make it a good one.